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Apollo Colours Limited
Screen Printing Inks from Apollo Colours
Apollo Colours manufacture and supply a wide variety of screen printing inks and are acknowledged as a world leader in metallic laminating credit card inks. We also manufacture speciality offset UV inks for plastics and credit cards.

In addition to our standard colour range we will be pleased to provide any specific colour requirements i.e. Pantone, British Standard, RAL from one kilo quantities. Our laboratory staff in London, Liverpool and Bognor are always happy to assist and advise with any technical questions or tests you may have.

Apollo Inks & Coatings International Ltd based in Bognor Regis, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Colours Ltd. This division manufactures Offset Litho ink and in particular UV curing inks for paper and plastic cards. As with Apollo Colours, their products are used extensively for the manufacture of Credit and Security Cards.